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Metal Fabricators for Structural Steel

When a demanding and challenging project requires precise fabrication, trust in Certified Industrial Fabricators, Inc. to handle the job with the highest professionalism and efficiency. Specializing in Structural steel, Sheet metal and duct fabrication for commercial businesses.

• Mezzanines • Pipe Supports • Handrails • Tables • Canopies
• Non- Pressure Tanks • Furnace Shells • Furnace Stands • Conveyor frames • Quench tanks
• Embeds • Stairs • Platforms • Plate processing

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Quench Tank

Space Mountain Interior

Space Mountain


Diamond Plate Stairs

Our Process

Before we begin our work, our team provides you with a bid for the project. We include materials, delivery, and labor within this price. Each estimate is valid for 30 days.

Once the purchase order is submitted, our team will work close with the project manager and with engineers to fabricate the detailed blueprints that are provided. Our services stick to the project timeline and ensure customers satisfactory on each job that is fabricated. Our quality is priority on every project; we have been recognized to conform to strict tolerances and meticulous with detail.

Small and Large Firewatch Platform

Furnace Parts

Customized Steel Work and Structural Steel

Our metal fabricators can turn your vision into a reality. Our highly-skilled fabricators create intricate designs within the steel structures we create. Our team specializes in Sheet metal works, Embeds, Stiles, Removable Pipe Bollards, and Platforms. We have designed custom pieces of all kinds, we project a special competence while encouraging innovation, our team can formulate strategies, tactics and action plans to achieve results.

Safety Railings and Guard Rails for Construction or Material Handling

If you are looking to protect your workers in a construction zone, or material handling reach out to our team. We can create safety railings and posts for job sites in addition to end of aisle protectors or highway guard rails. Many companies have relied on our team to provide, custom shelving, chutes, pallet reinforcements, custom carts, picking units and racks to equip their warehouses with reliable material that will sustain heavy inventory over years of substantial use. We strive to deliver quick and efficient work that you can rely on to continue your production safely.

Refinery Structures

For over 25 years we have worked with the local refineries such as Chevron, Conoco, Paramount Petroleum, Valero, Exxon Mobil, Phillips 66, Tesoro, British Petroleum, Lunday Thagard, Kinder Morgan, Thums Island and Signal Hill Petroleum, suppling Platforms, Access Bridges, Stiles, Pipe supports, Hoppers, and Conveyors. Everything is built in-house and provided to meet their deadlines, and turnarounds when they were depending on our quality and experience.